NAME: Mindy Clarke
BORN: April 24, 1969, Dana Point, California HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C:. Julie Cooper-Nichol, who’s best know for seducing both men who are half her age and other men old enough to be her granddaddy, all while trying to maintain a relationship with her daughter, Marissa.
SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSIDE OF THE O.C: Marvelous Mindy made a straight-to-tape turn as a sweet-as-sugar vixen who transforms into a notably nude zombie-nympho in Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993). She returned for more nymphet naughtiness in still another direct-to-video sequel. Return to Two Moon Junction (1995).
FAVORITE QUOTE FROM HER ON THE O.C: “Look, Marissa, I’ll admit it. I experimented a bit when I was your age. Albeit it involved a little Motley Criie and a lot of Jager.”

NAME: Shannon Lucio

BORN: August 17, 1980, San Antonio, Texas HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C.: Shannon’s Lindsay Gardener was a second-season addition to The O.C. Playing a studious but undeniably hot gal, she’s from a considerably less wealthy economic bracket than the show’s other babes. But this Gardener ain’t just about to sit on her ass and let the weeds grow: She’s sharp, sexy, plays the oboe and proves to be a tempting morsel for her high school’s baddest boys!
SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSIDE OF THE O.C.: Shannon offered us a quick flash of her lovely “Lucios” in the serial killer bio-pic Starkweather (2004), where she portrayed the title murderer’s equally homicidal lover. For a sexier sampling of Shannon’s skin (albeit, in a bikini!), check out the oh-so-gratuitous TV-flick Spring Break Shark Attack (2005).
FAVORITE QUOTE FROM HER ON THE O.C.: “I’m just gonna go wring out my shirt, and stuff toilet paper up my nose, and I’m sure I’ll have no trouble fitting in now. So…thanks.”

NAME: Nikki Griffin (7 episodes, 2005-06)
BORN: April 17, 1968, Vicksburg, Mississippi HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C: Jess Sathers is a blonde and beautiful So-Cal babe with a drug problem. Though it’s only a recurring role (Nikki has appeared as Jess in seven episodes over the past couple of years), Jess doesn’t appear to be going away permanently any time soon. Besides, she wouldn’t want to leave Orange County as long as there is Ecstasy—and other girls’ boyfriends—to swallow whole!
SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSIDE OF THE O.C: Check out the unrated edition of The Dukes of Hazzard (2005) to see Nikki get naughty as a curvy co-ed who gets bawdy in bed with star Johnny Knoxville when he swings by her dorm! And be sure to see even more of Nikki in the DVD’s supplemental features! FAVORITE QUOTE FROM HER ABOUT THE O.C: Of Nikki’s character of juicy Jess on The O.C., she declares, “I knew girls like Jess in high school—with that confidence, that sexual energy, the raging hormones.”

NAME: Amanda Righetti
BORN: April, 1984, Las Vegas, Nevada
HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C.: The ever-alluring Amanda
raises teenage tartiness to an art form with her portrayal of The
O.C.’s Hailey Nichol, a saucy, trouble-making seductress who
moonlights as a stripper to make ends meet!
SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSIDE OF THE O.C: Wanna know where Amanda picked up her sultry stripper moves for her erotic Orange County oscillating? We’re betting that it was on the set of Angel Blade (2002), a sleazy little erotic thriller she made right before she joined the cast of the hit TV show. As a Vegas lingerie model who introduces a private dick to Sin City’s tantalizing world of underground sex, Amanda’s scheming pudenda-agenda finds her engaging in all forms of sexual revelry, including stripping, showering—and shaving! FAVORITE QUOTE FROM HER ON THE O.C: “It’s like a rule, like your parents almost have to disapprove. Otherwise the sex isn’t any good…. Is that an over-share?”

The O.C. Characters

The O.C. Characters

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