It’s a risky wager—taking a sensual starlet and putting her onscreen in a role wherein she portrays a handicapped woman. How does it work? if she were blind, mute, deaf or even physically disabled, could she puH off the carnal caper of exuding her cinematic sexuality? Or would she do just as well by merely slipping out of her blouse? The Nineties saw a rather unorthodox trend for taking Tinseltown’s hottest tamales and placing them in just such a celluloid situation. We here at Celebrity Skin refer to that rarefied breed of babes who took the chance as Hollywood’s Handicapped Honeys.

Blindness has long been one of Hollywood cinema’s favorite handicaps, We all remember Audrey Hepburn playing a blind woman terrorized by drug¬seeking (hugs in 1967’s Watt Until bark. Nomina(ed fora Best Actress Oscar for her efforts, Hepburn’s undeniably sexy performance, we submit, pavffid the way fora tantalizing trio of vtslonless vixens whose willing bodies could definitely give eyesight to the blind. In 1993hs Blink, magnificent Madeline Stowe portrayed a blind violinist in an Irish rock’n’roll band who’s always ready to engage in a little racy behavior a round men who give her the big eye (and then somel). Ditto for alluring Anna belle Larsen in 1990’s Alligator Eyes, an indie feature wherein a beautiful blind babe becomes the focus of co-stars Roger Kabler and Alan McCullough. Young Uma Thurman saw something in the idea of playing a blind woman and got into the act In Jennifer S, a so-so thriller from 1993.
With the performances of Oscar-winning deaf actress Marlee Mattin in Hear No Evil (1993) and In Her Defense (1998) and Holly Hunter (another Oscar-winner!) as a mute mommy In 1993’s Plano, we can confirm our suspicion that Nineties Hollywood heard the call and created some substantially sultry role wherein the leading lady suffers from what we’d like to describe as “auditory setbacks.

Boxing Helena, directed by Jennifer Lynch [.daughter of ole Etaserhead himself, David Lynch) features Sheri Iyn Fenn portraying the title tease for aft its bitchy worth. In the film, Fenn causes a rise in the Levis of a tovesick Julian Sands, who yearns for Helena so much that after rescuing her from a nasty car accident, he amputates her limbs and keeps her in a cardboard box [thankfully leaving her noted ‘‘Twin Peaks'” intact). While there’s no consummation between the two, Fenn’s earlier, pre-amputaton sex scenes with co-star Bill Paxton certainly got our imaginations going.
A circular saw and prosthetic arm were major accoutrements for the hottest Handicapped Honey of 1994: Lena Otln as Russian hit woman extraordinaire in Borneo Is Bleeding. The hottest moments in the thriller begin with lethal Lena cutting off her own arm for a large sum of cash. When leading man Gary Oldman makes the scene, a booted, belted and fully-leathered Lena rweats her new prosthetic arm to the lucky bastard before savagely seducing him. ‘‘With or without,” Lena hisses at Oldman, before she rips the new addition from her body and rides the bewildered Brit on a creaky tenement cot.

Finally, we have to pay homage to a Skin favorite, the always-game Rosanna Arquette, whose sibling po rtra ya f of ca r crashfetis hist Ga brie tie in David Cronenberg’s Crash (1996) elevates her to the status of Queen of the Handicapped Honeys. Clad in skin-tight leather; leg braces and a metafile body-cast thigamajiggy and sporting pudenda-like scars on her luscious legs, Rosanna engages in a disturbingly delicious sexual encounter with star James Spader inside,,.where else?.,,a car! That the glittery vehicFe is parked in a showroom makes it kinkier still!

Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn

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