Ryan GoSlInG and Eva Mendes famously fell in love on the set of the 2011 drama The Place Beyond the Pines — which was not new for the actor, who has a history of romancing his leading ladies, including Sandra Bullock and Rachel Mcadams. And that fact brings out the jealous streak in eva, 41, whenever ryan signs on to a project. So when it was announced in April that ryan would be reuniting with his “work wife,” Emma Stone, for the third time in the musical romance La La Land, eva began to fear the worst.

Pairing the sexy stars up is a wellestablished formula for box-office success. Moviegoers seem to love watching ryan, 34, and emma, 26, fall in love: first in Crazy, Stupid, Love. and again in Gangster Squad. (Fans even petitioned for the frequently coupled costars to star as christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey.) And photos from the L.A. set of La La Land show the two looking right at home in their familiar roles, which raises the question: Is it all acting? “It doesn’t matter how many times ryan tells eva that he and emma are just friends, she knows there’s an attraction there,” says a source close to the actress.

“eva stops by the set and constantly calls ryan to see what he’s up to. If she gets his voicemail, she’ll text and text until he gets back to her. Despite ryan’s best efforts to soothe her suspicions, eva remains unconvinced. “the trust just isn’t there, and she thinks it’s time they went their separate ways,” says the pal. to that end, sources tell Star eva has begun planning an exit strategy. “Her No. 1 priority is their daughter, esmeralda. eva wants to know what her options are, should she decide to end her relationship with ryan,” the insider reveals. “She’s consulted a lawyer about gaining primary custody of their baby girl, since ryan’s always away working. eva doesn’t want a custody battle, but she knows ryan won’t give esmeralda up without a fight — so she wants to be prepared.”

Ryan and Emma

Ryan and Emma

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