Back before Rob Morrow got any Northern Exposure and way before Johnny Depp took over as box office boss, the two starred in this tribute to the ultimate spring break destination. Private Resort (1985). In this flesh-heavy Florida-set flick, Rob and Johnny continually run afoul of an uptight hotel detective and a gun-wielding jewel thief known as The Maestro, but nothing can deter our boys from their aim of bedding as many girls as is hormonally possible. Sexbombs Leslie Easterbrook (opposite top), Hilary Shepard (opposite bottom) and Vickie Bensen (bottom & opposite middle) are curvy perfection—as are the dozens of unknown gals who also pop their tops in the movie. So slather on the lotion (uh, for tanning, of course), because we’re taking you to a Private Resort!

Rob Morrow got any Northern Exposure

Rob Morrow got any Northern Exposure

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