Okay, at first, we were thinking what you are, “Why the fuck would anyone make a sequel to Open Water (2005)?” Why? Well, look at the layout, you numbskull! Open Water2: Adrift (2006) gives you the same problem as the original—people trapped in the water—but ups the ante skin-wise. If one hot girl is sexy, then three hot girls equals super sexy! OW2 is about a group of friends who forget to lower their ladder before diving off their yacht for a swim in the ocean. The slippery boat proves too hard to climb back into, and soon enough their fear of water, bad weather, hypothermia and sharks take over. Luckily for us, we can stay dry for wet glimpses of Susan May Pratt (this page), Cameron Richardson (opposite top and bottom) and Ali Hillis (opposite middle)!

Open Water (2005)

Open Water (2005)

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