HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C.: Marissa Cooper, the show’s gorgeous, wealthy. Southern California girl-next-door, who— for some reason known only to dim-witted Hollywood suits— was shockingly killed off at the close of the show’s third season! SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSIDE OF THE O.C.: While she certainly turns in a sizzling and scantily clad performance in this year’s indie offering The OH! in Ohio (2006), magnificent Mischa has never officially degarbed for any cinematic endeavors. Happily, though, our magazine has already published a handful of snaps of Mischa slipping in and out of her wayward upper garments while making the scene on the beaches of Southern California!
FAVORITE QUOTE FROM HER ON THE O.C.: “Of course I’m screwed up. I’m the daughter of a thief and a slut.”

HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C:. Model-turned-actress Jaime King’s one-shot guest appearance in the season two entry “The Return of the Nana” remains one of the show’s most memorable episodes. As a Southern sexpot named Mary-Sue, she enters an MTV-styled dance contest with one of The O.C.’s more macho male stars—and reduces him to chopped liver with her choreographed carnality!
SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSDE OF THE O.C.: We had our first run-in with Jaime’s jigglers when she gave them a little arts’n’crafts makeover in the summery spoof Happy Campers (2001). Cut to last year’s Sin City Recut, Extended and Unrated (2005) to get an even more colorful and comic-book-styled glimpse of said jug-ulars! FAVORITE QUOTE FROM HER ON ntO.C: “It’ll just take a second.”

Marissa Cooper, the show's gorgeous

Marissa Cooper, the show’s gorgeous

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