Watch for Watchman woman Malin Akerman and plenty of other damn fine damsels of the big screen in our Summer Blockbuster nudie-fest fiesta. Then it’s on to say goodbye to the sapphic suck-faces of the L-Word with a properly improper send-off {and clothes off) for the Sikes of cutie pie Kate French, Mia Kirshner and many more muff- divin’ divas to drool over. Plus our deity mixes with depravity when our Converted & Perverted cupcakes look good enough to eat—especially Katie Holmes and Mormon gone melon-flasher Amy Adams. And all you SKIN junkies best not forget your fix of Fresh Flesh this month— like Rakella Marie’s rack and Sarah Doolan’s donuts that’!! drive you go nuts.

Malin Akerman

Malin Akerman

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