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Marie Osmond without makeup

Brief Bio of Marie Osmond

Marie Osmond is an eminent movie screenwriter, singer and actress. She belongs to a show business family of America. She was mostly known as a country music artist. She was best known for her country ballad “Paper Roses”. She started her career from her own and never took any support from her family.

Marie Osmond without makeup also carries a natural lookand sheis better known as a doll designer. She was also associated with several movies also. She had casted for the movie “The Gift of the Magi”. She has also famous for her appearance in TV reality shows as a television personality.

Marie Osmond, an eminent screenwriter, singer, doll designer

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  1. Mary

    21st February 2017 at 11:53 pm

    That’s because NOBODY, NOBODY has ever seen that woman without caked-on make-up; I don’t think she even takes it off to sleep…well…maybe her ex Brian did see her a few times without it and it made him run!

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