Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid No Makeup


Bella Hadid Without Makeup or No Makeup? It will surprise you that Bella is actually a blonde. Bella, who has been painting her hair for years, explains: “Hadid can get two chars too much, I prefer not to paint my hair to look like Gigi, the difference is good and my soul is a bit too dark to be blonde”

Bella Hadid Makeup

Bella Hadid No Makeup 2

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Bella Hadid No Makeup

Bella Hadid Without Makeup 2

Bella Hadid Without Makeup 3

Bella Hadid Without Makeup

Bella Hadid

Before launching his modeling career, Bella took his breath in New York, slipping his arms to begin photography education. Would not it be great injustice for you to hide Bella’s breathtaking beauty in a kitchen for a lifetime, enjoying being at work in the kitchen in the first place?

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