Premieres tuesday, Sept. 29, at 8PM on fox this new sitcom puts original spin on an old idea. John Stamos plays Jimmy, a lady-loving restaurateur who guards his bachelorhood zealously. that is, until his adult son (Josh Peck) walks into the restaurant and introduces himself — and then introduces Stamos to his granddaughter. So now Mr. Swinger is Grandpa — which drastically changes his self-image (and the way other people see him). Jimmy suddenly has his hands full, babysitting for a grandchild and helping Peck get the attention of his eccentric baby mama (Cristina milian).

It’s a funny idea but not as clever as it needs to be, falling back on fulldiaper jokes and weak physical humor. Still, Stamos has heart and timing, and Peck is a likable schlump as his son. Paget Brewster (as Peck’s mother) is the wild card, shooting oneline zingers at Stamos like a pro. Give it a couple episodes to see if it grows on you.

John Stamos and Jimmy Kimmel

John Stamos and Jimmy Kimmel

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