Joanna Angel: No, I directed Joanna’s Angels and Joanna’s Angels 2. Directing is stressful, but I really like it. scene and you’ll stop having sex because, as the director, you see something that’s not going right on the set technically?
JA: No. I have a crew that I trust who are basically my eyes when my eyes can’t be there. I make sure that everyone knows exactly what I need and they make sure that I get it. But a lot of my work is done in pre-production. That’s when I explain what I want done. And I have a lot of fun writing the script.
CS: / was going to say just in the short time I’ve been here I’ve seen some really funny stuff. Is making sure there’s humor in the script something that’s important to you in your films?
JA: I always liked writing funny stuff. My favorite movies are funny movies. It’s just what I’ve always been inclined towards. I know some people in the same genre of porn as I am, they either like it more crude or artsy; my way of expressing my creativity is with humor. I’m doing the kind of films I want to see.

CS: Will there be a time when you’re in the middle of a sex

“alt-pom * or “tattoo-porn” or whatever. Does it bother you that people always have to come up with a phrase to separate you from the rest of pom?
JA: Sometimes. Like why can’t they just see what I’m doing as just what I’m doing? I don’t know why it has to be labeled as something. But it’s like that with everyone. Like if you’re in a band, people have to categorize you in order to put you on the shelf: oh, you’re a metal band or you’re a thrash band or a punk band.
CS: It makes it easier for the audience.
JA: Right. It kind of makes it easier for the public. So, calling what I do “alt-porn” sort of makes sense, cause it is a little different. But sometimes that label makes me feel a little weird. And I don’t want that label to limit my audience. Sure a guy from Brooklyn who watches my stuff will probably like it, but some 45-year-old man from the mid-West may watch my stuff and like it too, and that’s good. So I don’t want that label of “alt-porn” to limit my audience, cause I really want to make porn that everyone will like.
CS: You mentioned earlier that you enjoy working with the same people. Is that to make you more comfortable?
JA: Yes, with the crew. I’ve definitely narrowed down my crew to people I’m really comfortable with. Unfortunately I can’t use the same girls in every movie, because people want to see a variety. But at the same time my movies are like Kevin Smith movies, in that there are certain people who are always there. Certain people come and go, but I’m always there, Tommy Pistol’s always there, James Deen is always there.
CS: Who is that drop dead gorgeous girl with wings tattooed on her back?
JA: That’s Pixie! You missed out on watching Pixie’s lesbian scene yesterday.
CS: Story of my life—a day late and a lesbian short.
JA: (Laughs).

CS: That makes sense. You’re beautiful as always, but you do look exhausted.
JA: I mean, I run a company so this is almost like a vacation day. You know? I’m updating the Web site 24- hours a day, seven days a week. So I’ll take a little break for a couple of days, then we’ll go back and edit this film, but the Web site is every day.
CS: Do you go out and find all the Burning Angel performers yourself?
JA: I don’t really recruit talent. We did that back in the day. We’d use friends and friends of friends. I did like three years ago, but not anymore.
CS: One of the things that impressed me today, which is rare in this business, is the feeling of family on the set. Do you consider everyone here your friends?
JA: Yeah, I do. Running this business involves so much of my life. It’s not like I get home from work ever. Running a Web site, you’re sitting alone at a computer a lot and it gets lonely. So this is what I look forward to. It’s fun for me. That’s why it’s really important for me that I’m comfortable around the people I’m working with. This is what I like doing, and this is fun for me.

CS: This whole cast seems cool. I love Tommy Pistol.
JA: Everybody loves Tommy Pistol.
CS: Even though you’ve only been in the business a short time, you’re already directing. What’s next?
JA: Well, I want to get better at what I’m doing. And I want to make more movies. I want to make lots of different kinds of movies.
CS: What about mainstream movies? Would you like to make any Hollywood films?
JA: No. I don’t want to.
CS: That’s nice to hear. Most porn stars can’t wait to try and make that lump, as if they’re ashamed of pom.
JA: Yeah, I don’t want to do mainstream. This is what I want to do.
CS: Given the fact that most of the business is out West, I love that Burning Angel is here on the East coast. And it’s got the real NYC aesthetic too. You’re in Brooklyn, right?
JA: Yes. But I wasn’t born and raised there. I’m originally from New Jersey.
CS: So you just finished shooting Pomy Monster, what’s next for you?
JA: Sleep.

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Joanna Angel Nightlife

Joanna Angel Nightlife

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