Her parents were separated in 1997. At the same time Hazal Kaya 7-year-old ballet began years. Mother and began to live with his mother after his father left.

While continuing his education in high school Cola Turka has been the advertising face. No shots were the high school and apply to some agency catalog.

First Novice Witch, was involved in the Secret of the Black Eyed Peas and Taylor series. But in 2007 the first lead acting “Genco” has made the series. Hazal is starting to make a good name in the array of good rock has passed the Illicit Love the series in 2009. The actual output “Illicit Love” has caught the series. Hazal Kaya finally in 2011. “I named her Feriha” series starred with Feriha characters. The first film released in 2011 starring Sel├žuk Aydemir has undertaken the construction of “Musical Dancer” film.

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