BORN: August 15, 1974, Canada
GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Consume her manly mate after orgasm.
T&A GRADE: This model-turned-maneater was the ultimate hand-heater of the nineties, playing the all-consuming creature of the flesh-feature Species (1995, this page 8nd opposite top) and the equally exotic sequel Species II (1998, opposite bottom). Natasha’s sci-fi body is a piece of work worth praising!

Pamela Anderson
T&A GRADE: Pamela took the 90s shores by storm when she landed the part of C.J., the bouncing-bikini babe in the hottest show of all-time—Baywatch. This sexy surf-siren graciously shared her sun-tanned turf in the fuck-friendly Snapdragon (1993, this page), and again in Barb Wire (1996, opposite top).

Amber Smith
BORN: March 2, 1972, Tampa, FL GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Be the hottie named Smith who won’t need TRIM-SPA. T&A GRADE: Amber is a super-molded supermodel whose T&A-confidental DVD Amber Smith: /?aw(2003, spread) could even make a vegetarian stand up and cheer for the sweet treat that is her mamm-heavy meat. One look at this American beauty’s stern will have you playing with your private parts!

BORN: May 12, 1963, Vancouver, Canada GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Leave the scene of an accidental orgasm.
T&A GRADE: Deborah’s unabashed ability to bare-it-all with her full-frontal approach to film defined the naughty nineties. Unger’s hunger tempted our senses with Whispers in the Dark (1992, below and top), and her muff-crushing scenes from Crash (1996, bottom and opposite) left us with a well-earned limp.

BORN: July 30, 1977, Kinston, NC
GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Portray red-hot
white-trash on television.
T&A GRADE: This former model may be best known as the tasty trailer-park tart in My Name is Earl, but it was her deadly disrobing in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction 11997, spread) that had us whacking our welfare warrior. There’s nothing low-class about Jaime’s junior jugs and after-school ass!

Holly Marie Combs
BORN: December 3, 1973, San Diego, CA GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Win a Wiccan wet t-shirt contest…if Rose McGowan sits it out. T&A GRADE: This charming TV darling— who brought a brainy sexiness to Charmed— certainly gave us A Reason To Believe (1995, spread) in her dewy-brew. And Holly sure kept our cum-cauldron smoldering with her spellbinding breasts. This witchy woman will conjure up your magical whacking-wand!

BORN: December 12, 1970, Catskill, NY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Tickle the palm- puppet in David Bowie’s /ap-yrinth.
T&A GRADE: From child-actor to full-grown sex-factor, Jennifer has been rousing our little rocketeer for years. Connelly’s best nudity came in The Hot Spot (1990, spread), in which even a not-so-beautiful mind who is confronted with Jen’s measurements would feel the urge to multiply!

BORN: August 7, 1975, South Africa GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Win an Oscar for playing a character less attractive than E.T. T&A GRADE: No Hollywood hottie is better than Charlize at recovering from brutal box- office flops—Aeon Flux (2005, below), anyone? She might have made bank with an Italian hand-job, but her red-sled-pulling performance in Reindeer Games (2000,right, opposite page), was a gift of the carnal kind.

BORN: June 4, 1975, Los Angeles, CA GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Rescue deprived children from the faltering-career frontier known as Zim-billybob-we.
T&A GRADE: Daddy Voit’s little girl grew- up to be one of Hollywood’s most hyped harlots. Her love life couldn’t subdue our collective boner for her fleshy scenes in films like Gia

BORN: October 5, 1975, Reading, UK GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Sink your luxury crotch-\iner with her chest icebergs.
T&A GRADE: Being her generation’s most fa/7-ented didn’t stop this heavenly creature from showing off her titanic twosome. After showing off her hideously kinky curves in Titartic (1997, below) and Holy Smoke (1999, this page right and opposite), Kate has us eternally dreaming of her spotless behind.

BORN: August 14, 1966, Cleveland, OH GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Win an award for bouncing on Billy Bob’s monster balls.
T&A GRADE: Halle created a firestorm with flesh-heavy flicks like Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999, below and top). Swordfish (2001, opposite bottom) and, of course. Monster’s Ball (2001, bottom and opposite top)—in which, though she may have bought those curtains on credit, her body is money!

BORN: July 25, 1976, Great Falls, MT GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Play the skin-flute in a family band.
T&A GRADE: Since she married Biohazard- frontman Evan Seinfeld, Tera has fine-tuned her adult-film costar head-banging; but Ms. Patrick still takes non-cock-rocking roles in films such as The Stalker (2000, this page) and Pets in Paradise (2001, opposite), in which the sex is merely implied—strongly!

T&A GRADE: Monica’s flawless body of work—since her American debut as a blood¬sucking fang-banger—includes ultra-steamy saunterings in movies such as Malena (2000, this page bottom and opposite) and Under Suspicion (2000, below and top). This Euro¬beauty can blow our Italian horn any day!

BORN: April 22, 1923, Kingsport, TN GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Be the only thing you and your grandfather can agree upon.
T&A GRADE: This “girl with the perfect figure* became a sex icon by strip-teasing her way into the pants of every American man with randy romps like Striporama (1955) and Teaserama (1955). You C8n even see more of Bettie’s best in the extras of The Notorious Bettie Page (2005, spread).

BORN: September, 2, 1966, Mexico GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Remind late-night snackers to think in-between her buns.
T&A GRADE: Salma shook her tasty tamales as a damned dancer in From Dusk Til’ Dawn (1996, this page). But Ms. Hayek really showcased her sex-Mex delicacies— such as her bouncy breasts and south-of-the- border bush—in Frida (2002, opposite middle) fkAsk the Dust (2006, opposite top).

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

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