Directing, producing and starring on a hit tV series is an actor’s dream come true, but at what cost?

According to insiders, Ed Burns’ new tNt project, Public Morals, has taken a serious toll on his 12-year marriage to Christy Turlington. “It’s been difficult, because he’s gone all day and comes home late at night,” says a source close to the couple, who share daughter Grace, 11, and son Finn, 9. “on the rare occasion that ed is around, he’s not spending time with christy or the kids. He’s too preoccupied reading scripts.” Pals say the supermodel, 46, is trying to be supportive of her husband, 47, but it’s been a nightmare. “christy hopes they’ll be able to work things out,” the insider explains, “because it’s starting to feel like they’re leading separate lives.”

Christy Turlington and Ed Burns

Christy Turlington and Ed Burns

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