Nicolas Roeg Film

In the Nicolas Roeg film Bad Timing (1980), Theresa Russell remarks, “I don’t think it was a lie, it was words.” This thinking could be applied to Roeg’s own style of filmmaking, one in which images collide and pile up. Sometimes they resonate and reveal something, sometimes they don’t and reveal more. He knows that […]

Bridget Fonda And VS

THE SKINNY — Here come some of the most pulchritudinous, pendulous, pert, perky, pokey and perfect pairs of chest pontoons that ever swung from side to side: CELEBRITY SKIN’s BRA BUSTERS! But first, FRESH FLESH features the twin dingalings of Bai Ling (right), the stylish Julia Stiles, the stripperific Natalie Portman and the foxy Bridget […]

Different Celebrity Skin

NATASHA HENSTRIDGE BORN: August 15, 1974, Canada GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Consume her manly mate after orgasm. T&A GRADE: This model-turned-maneater was the ultimate hand-heater of the nineties, playing the all-consuming creature of the flesh-feature Species (1995, this page 8nd opposite top) and the equally exotic sequel Species II (1998, opposite bottom). Natasha’s sci-fi body […]

Alyssa Milano Makeup

BORN: December 19, 1972, Brooklyn, NY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Show you Who’s the Boss in the bedroom. T&A GRADE: Alyssa, the captain of our c/iesf-club, became every teen’s wet-dream as she earned her skin-creds by dropping her top for some eye-popping peaks at her Italian-tasties in Embrace of the Vampire (1994, opposite page) and […]

Diane Franklin

BORN: February 11, 1963, Plainview, NY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Cause you to wear out the pause button on your ’80s VCR. T&A GRADE: Diane diligently displayed her tight-fittin’ sweater-kittens when it came time for her to avoid becoming The Last American Virgin (1982, spread). Franklin’s character loses her virginity just like every girl does— […]

Phoebe Cates

BORN: July 16, 1963, New York, NY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Demonstrate the art of fellatio on a carrot during lunch period. T&A GRADE: Our favorite private-school princess still has us groping our gremlin when we think of her legendary poolside showing in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1980, spread). Nothing had us growing-up faster […]