A prime-time soap opera set in a rather wild north dakota?

Yep, thanks to the recent oil boom taking place there. It stars Don Johnson as hap briggs, a rich rancher with huge oil fields on his land. he meets billy lefever (Chace Crawford), a struggling young wannabe entrepreneur who becomes his unlikely partner. they team up when hap’s son (Scott michael Foster) is disowned for being a spoiled jerk. the female side of the cast includes amber valletta as hap’s much-younger spouse and rebecca rittenhouse as billy’s much-smarter one. If the California Gold rush of the 1840s were transported to 21st-century nodak, you’d have the kind of anythinggoes Dynasty/Dallas fantasy that this show is built on. It’s silly, soapy and, just maybe, habit-forming.

Blood & Oil

Blood & Oil

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