Diane Franklin

BORN: February 11, 1963, Plainview, NY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Cause you to wear out the pause button on your ’80s VCR. T&A GRADE: Diane diligently displayed her tight-fittin’ sweater-kittens when it came time for her to avoid becoming The Last American Virgin (1982, spread). Franklin’s character loses her virginity just like every girl does— […]

Phoebe Cates

BORN: July 16, 1963, New York, NY GIRL MOST LIKELY TO: Demonstrate the art of fellatio on a carrot during lunch period. T&A GRADE: Our favorite private-school princess still has us groping our gremlin when we think of her legendary poolside showing in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1980, spread). Nothing had us growing-up faster […]

Bettie Page

Hey, reader, any idea what you’ve got in your hands? No, not that, you pervert—your other hand! This is the first ever CELEBRITY SKIN NUDE YEARBOOK! Since we are a carnal college of sorts, we consider the girls in our pages as our student bodies. We proudly watch our freshmen class lasses start out in […]

Open Water (2005)

Okay, at first, we were thinking what you are, “Why the fuck would anyone make a sequel to Open Water (2005)?” Why? Well, look at the layout, you numbskull! Open Water2: Adrift (2006) gives you the same problem as the original—people trapped in the water—but ups the ante skin-wise. If one hot girl is sexy, […]

The O.C. Characters

NAME: Mindy Clarke BORN: April 24, 1969, Dana Point, California HER CHARACTER ON THE O.C:. Julie Cooper-Nichol, who’s best know for seducing both men who are half her age and other men old enough to be her granddaddy, all while trying to maintain a relationship with her daughter, Marissa. SEXY SIGHTINGS OUTSIDE OF THE O.C: […]