Eloise Mumford


Eloise Mumford Without Makeup or No Makeup? Eloises Mumfords? Up to now an untitled sheet. With her role in “Shades of Gray” comes however an important dirty detail for the actress to it.

Eloise Mumford Without Makeup

Eloise Mumford Makeup

Eloise Mumford

Eloise Mumford No Makeup

Eloise Mumford No Makeup 2

Eloise Mumford does not know anything about their roguish bed stories with Mr. Cristian Gray, played by Jamie Dornan in their role as roommate and best friend of Anastasia Steele, but their part in “Shades of Gray” will always be his “dirty” good Stamp on the career of her career as an actress. Together with Dakota Johnson, she brings the hugely hyped story of success author E. L. James to the big screen. And the blonde, slim 1.70 m tall actress fits the description of the Katharine “Kate” Kavanaugh, which is always regarded by Anastasia as the epitome of perfection. If Kate had not fallen ill, and Ana would not have sent Ana to the disastrous interview with Christian Gray, the story would probably never have got going. Eloise Mumford’s pretty face with the blue-eyed eyes and the blonde curls from US series such as “Law and Order”, “Lone Star” or “The River” might be familiar to the audience. The big breakthrough remains however up to their role in “Shades of Gray”. Also the ground-level training to the actress at the “New York University’s Table School of the Arts” has so far nothing to change. But just born in 1986, Eloise Mumford is still young and can still move a lot.