Is there a hashtag for CEo problems? in the new comedy The Intern, anne Hathaway stars as Jules, the creator of a multimillion-dollar fashion startup who is struggling to stay on top. Enter ben (robert De niro), a wise 70-year-old widower who just happens to be the company’s new intern and Jules’ accidental life coach. Anne, 32, spoke about the new film and embracing the unknown.

What makes this movie stand out?

We haven’t had a movie that appeals to people of every age in a long time. Whether you’re 20 or 83, you will love it.

What are some of the themes of the movie?

We have all these tools for communication, but they’re not as effective as having a conversation. it’s old vs. new school — and how each is made better by the other.

Have you ever had any interactions with interns?

i was on a photo shoot recently, and an intern greeted me. because of our movie, i went out of my way to pay her extra attention. i asked her questions about who she was and why she was doing this. i thought i was doing something so nice. i asked her to use my playlist, but every time she tried to use my ipad on the sound system it created the most horrible screech. i was trying to do a nice thing, but i annoyed everyone!

Did you immediately hit it off with robert De niro?

i could not talk around him for the first three weeks! i just felt like an idiot with everything i said. but we did some extreme bonding at the mall. He’s really an easy guy to get along with, incredibly Zen and approachable.

Was your approach any different for this film?

Up until now, i have made movies from a place of insecurity, neurosis and self-doubt. but i got tired of it and came from a more positive place — to feel good about what i was doing and embrace the unknown. i had a wonderful time, and i think it yielded a more relaxed performance. it turns out you can make a movie without nonstop sleepless nights!

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

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