Andrew Garfield and michael Shannon star in a tense drama about the 2008 housing crisis. Garfield is a florida construction worker, a single parent who lives with his mom (Laura Dern) — until they are evicted from their foreclosed home. desperate for money, he takes a job with Carver (Shannon), the bank’s real estate broker, who threw him out. before long, he’s doing the evictions himself and raking in extra money on the side with Carver’s shady schemes, basically trying to save his home by making a deal with the devil. Shannon is usually stuck playing oddball villains, but this guy is a true original: fast-talking, heartless, calculating, always ready with an undermining answer to any accusation. the film tries to make a statement about the disparity of the financial system by putting a face on it. but while Shannon lives and breathes his character as the bad guy, Garfield isn’t really sympathetic — and his overacting weighs the whole thing down. Long story short: Worth watching just for Shannon’s splendid performance.

Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield

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